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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by ballup
12 minute quarters? That takes too long to finish a season imo. I've only played 5 minute quarters with the exception of the rookie showcase.

I accidentally made Rondo play more minutes because of the GM topics. One of them is "I like playing with a certain player" and I of course chose my point guard. What I didn't know was that I was inserted into the starting lineup and whoever I chose got more minutes. Bass had his minutes severely cut down to 11 mpg. I'm waiting to get that topic again so I can restore some of Bass' playing time

I find the guards of the Celtics too aggressive compared to their real life versions. Bradley shoots any midrange opportunity he gets, even if contested. Rondo is also very me first in a good way.
All the AI players are set way too aggressive. Every player tries to get into the paint come hell or high water leading to alot of very unrealistic looking offence and very unrealistic team stats. Take a look at the points in the paint in the games you play, it's rather ridiculous.
Playing on the Pacers, Granger and George flat refuse to shoot open threes, they just drive into a congested lane. Which bings me to another point. The supposed better AI where players won't stand near you has totally broke offence. It forces player into the low block on both sides of the key at all times making it impossible to find driving lanes.
I'm guessing it's tied to the play calling bug but whatever it is they better fix this shit quickly.
Last game I played Lakers beat us 145 to 110, they had 114 points in the paint
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