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Default Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Pretty good game, kinda different from the originals, but it's good in it's own way. Beat it on classic difficulty, some missions were really tough, trying to keep everyone alive. Still, there are flaws, not talking about the game breaking bugs either (and the camera is ****ing shitty and annoying at times), I'm playing it on ironman now, I wouldn't recommend it though. It's cool for some novelties and shit but overall anything above normal ironman is just an ass fuking. Extremely frustrating getting bs-killed and it really exposes the games flaws, with the spawning and whatnot. You really have to play with a specific strategy kiting the enemies or something, which is tedious and really limits your strategy. On classic ironman and above it's not unforgiving, it's more like abusive. Why? Because unforgiving would mean u ****ed up and got punished, whereas the way it is, oftentimes you can play your cards right but still get ****ed.
That's my 2 cents...still would recommend it though.
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