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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by BankShot
I understand nitpicking... I mean c'mon that is pretty much 90% of internet activity... but its the whole "I'm not giving my money to 2k Sports" and the rest of the fist-pounding rants about relatively minor aspects of the game that are just silly in my mind.

The fact that 10th-men like Josh McRoberts and Matt Barnes aren't on the right team... which will be fixed via update in soon enough... really shouldn't be a make-or-break feature in terms of purchasing the only NBA simulation-game on the market.

There is no competition because EA Sports and the Live franchise did not compete with 2k. 2k Sports put out the far superior product.... in terms of fan, critical, and I can only assume economic, perspective.

It's all relative. If EA had been putting out high-end NBA simulation games that could compete with 2k, then yeah I'm guessing that the development team would have had more resources toward making 2k13 a better game.

With that being said, how incrementally better could 2k be given the current console capability and the demand for said games? This isn't the land of the FPS where you can put out anything and have millions of 14-year-olds clamoring to play online for 11 hours straight. It's absolutely a niche market... especially considering the simulation-style nature and presentation that 2k sports offers.

Long story short.... 2k13 is a helluva game. Of course it has its flaws, but name one game in the history of games that has achieved perfection out of the retail gate. We should be extremely happy with the depth, quality, and aesthetics of this product considering its the only game of this particular content and style available that is sufficiently updated to the current game around which it revolves.

You have got to be kidding right?
2k13 is not a sim, not even close. Infact I'd call it the most arcade "main NBA title" since some of EAs games in the 90s.
The entire offence system in the game is broken, literally broken. From shot timings, plays, movements, players tendencies, FG percentages everything is a total mess. Are you aware there is literally no amination in this game to block a dunk. Try it out, you can literally drive and dunk 100% of the time with no way for a player or the AI to stop it. Same goes for putbacks.

The same can be said for defence, take some time to watch the game and you'll notice a user controlled player has totally different pyshics to CPU controlled players. Your player will literally have to bump and fight everyone on the court just to move while the cpu players just glide past everything, including the player using the "intense D" stance. They can and do just walk past like you don't exist. Boxing out does nothing as there is some weird floating jump animation for rebounds(user can do this too) where a player will end up near shoulders above the rim to rebound. This is especially evident when you watch guards soar over centers to get rebounds.

All this without even mentioning the literal game breaking bugs like freezing during simulations, after finals, game auto simming season after allstar break etc.
Other unforgivable bugs like play vision not working whatsoever and coach logic being manic, sending your MP to the bench with huge minute cuts for no reason.

You can say you enjoy playing the game, that's fine, everyone to their own.
But DO NOT come around calling this mess a simulation, that's a insult to Basketball fans worldwide.
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