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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by BankShot
I understand nitpicking... I mean c'mon that is pretty much 90% of internet activity... but its the whole "I'm not giving my money to 2k Sports" and the rest of the fist-pounding rants about relatively minor aspects of the game that are just silly in my mind.

The fact that 10th-men like Josh McRoberts and Matt Barnes aren't on the right team... which will be fixed via update in soon enough... really shouldn't be a make-or-break feature in terms of purchasing the only NBA simulation-game on the market.

First off, the McRoberts thing is obviously directed at me, so I'd like you to point me to the post where I said it's a make or break feature in terms of purchasing the game? I said I regretted preordering it, meaning I should have waited until they had accurate opening day rosters. Attention to detail is an important factor in purchasing games for a lot of customers. 10th man or not, this shouldn't be an issue in the first place. McRoberts was part of the Dwight Howard trade. If they can put Dwight on the Lakers, Bynum on the Sixers, etc., why do they neglect putting McRoberts on the Magic on the release day roster? It's just lazy and incompetent. It's annoying to know that they'd rather spend time including Pauly D and Justin Bieber in the game over having an accurate roster and at least including all the guaranteed contracts. A lot of us buy the game strictly to play online or play OA, which isn't as fun without accurate rosters, so yeah, what might seem like a minor detail to you could be much bigger deal to people that only play other game modes.

I don't have many qualms about the actual gameplay, it's probably the best I've seen from 2K but just because they have a monopoly on the "NBA simulation" game market doesn't excuse excuse putting out a half assed effort for certain parts of the game. FIFA 13's gameplay is amazing and they had nearly every team roster correct for hundreds of soccer teams on launch date and provides multiple updates a week to ensure that they're accurate.

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