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Originally Posted by 2swift4u
When we play we call fouls all the time. Of course not as strict as in a real game. We don't call moving screens, handchecks or stuff like that, but if somebody goes to the basket or shoots a jumper and gets fouled he calls it or the defener calls it. We don't argue about the call either. Even if you think it wasn't a foul you just keep your mouth shut and play on. (unless somebody repeatedly makes bad calls) Like that we hardly ever have arguments on the court and all the games are peaceful. But as somebody mentioned, it probably depends on where you play. I guess for some this seems like a very "soft" way of playing streetball but personally I prefer this way because the game doesn't get out of control (revenge fouls and stuff like that)

I'd say revenge fouls are pretty rare unless you are being a total dick. If you are going to foul someone, you have to do it with your body. If you come down on people and karate chop them in the face while they are shooting, then you deserve to get knocked out.

That's how I feel about pick up games, you can be physical... you can put your body on someone. That doesn't mean you can't say "and1" though haha.

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