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Default Re: Should the government cut entitlements?

Originally Posted by bmulls
And you're naive as fck.You think the US has a big military cuz we like swinging our ***** around for no reason? That we could just cut the military in half and remain a world super power? Our military strength is the primary reason we are an economic superpower. Your liberal fantasy land is nothing like the real world son.

No, our military strength HURTS our economic status. If we spent 10x less on the military, all the better for our economy.

Every dollar the government spends on military, is one dollar that can not be spent in the private economy. It can't be saved, invested, or spent.

Besides dollar resources, human resources like scientists and young men are sucked into this wasteful military institution. They could be designing the next great car or the next revolutionary cooking tool.

It'd be one thing if they were simply removed from the economy, but instead they're actually put to DESTRUCTIVE use- killing mostly innocent people overseas just trying to live their life. Shameful.

The military is the biggest problem I have with the federal budget. Every single dollar we spend on war/foreign occupation should be cut tomorrow.
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