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Default Re: The Official Dexter Season 7 Thread

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I posted this in another thread, but I'll put it here too.

I think Dexter is heading in a good direction this year. Not season one good, but better than the recent past. In large part I think because it's focus is almost entirely on Dexter and Deb, who are by far the most fleshed out characters on the show, and the most competent, perhaps the only competent, performers on the show. I felt like Deb related too him a little quicker than I would've done as a writer, but it gets the show back on its format. I don't know if the Bull Guy is a particularly good target, but he'll do for now. The Russian Mafia led heroin ring is a nice gimmick I think. I thought the back and fourth with the nerd was going well, so seeing him eat it last night was a surprise.

I feel like the hot blonde chic will continue to be a factor, because her and her nutjob bf are a model that Dexter and Deb will think about as how a couple could do this. And / or Dexter will look at her in comparison to Deb and how supportive she was versus Deb trying to suppress him. With Deb sort of accepting what Dex did with the Bull guy now, I could see the moral side of her blending with her obsessive want for Dex to cause her to struggle with the idea of he and her running off as a couple of vigalante Serial Killer Hunters.

One thought I had watching the episode last night is that it feels like older seasons again because Dexter is under the microscope again and is going back his **** it ill do what I want ways, while trying to avoid being caught.

That and the fact that there is so much going and so many scenarios that can completely ruin his life that he doesn't know about coming to fruition that as a viewer I'm kind of on edge a little bit.
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