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Originally Posted by Bosnian Sajo
I felt like it ended a bit too quick, like once you found out how sinister (buruug? idk his name) actually kills the familys, it all ended within 10 minutes. I guess every movie has its flaws, but this still succeeded at what it was meant to do: Scare the shit outta me.


Was hoping for a little more than just "one" person dying at the end, too.

If you think about it was actually a pretty bad movie, but the timing and the atmosphere was ON F*CKING point.

Like remember when the couple had the argument? You couldn't help but facepalm and laugh a bit cuz it's the most regular thing in the world. within a few minutes after the Scary sh!t started happening with double the intensity.

Plus there was something "off" about he deputy and the policeguy. They seemed good.. but idk something irky

Watched it last night, and dreamt of the pool, barbeque images. Was very unsettling. Have strong strong urge to pray to the Lord to reign Hell upon scum like Mr. Boogie. F*kking killing the innocent. video
Skip to 2:12. You'll remember this for the rest of your life, lol.

What ON EARTH possessed someone to make something so utterly UNEXPLANABLE and ODD like that lol?
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