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Default Re: Steeler Rookie arrested on 15 separate counts after DUI

Originally Posted by Riddler
.196 percent? That's all? He did all that crazy $hit and didn't even have a .2?
I would've guessed way over .25... probably closer to .3

he must have mixed his alcohol with some pills...

I wonder what kind of trouble he will be in...

I guess the good news is that he weighs 350 lbs and won't be
worried about people f*cking with him in prison.

That's a sad story.

I don't believe it was the alcohol that made him do all that crazy shyt. It was his fear of getting busted which prompted him to takeoff. I'm sure that Goodell's wrath was the first thing that popped into his head the very second the police approached him, so he took off.

I wasn't a drunk driver going wild. It was a guy afraid of losing everything.
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