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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by niko
Couple of places. Chinese papers. NBA TV talking to him when camp started. Same interviews where he says he's not yet ok. I'd like to put word for word but i don't remember, i remember sitting there with my wife and thinking he didn't get it. Sorry. His tone irks me. It also irked me when he said playing at MSG was "distracting" and that the fan attention bothered him, and there were a lot of freaky people around. (He said this after he signed in HOuston about if Linsanity would continue.) I remember being at MSG for Linsanity, and when asked about it i would have expected him to say it was amazing, and he said it was distracting. Maybe it was, but that's the first thing he remembered? i know it's unfair, but it feels like i ran into a good friend from high school and said "REMEMBER HOW MUCH FUN WE HAD?" and they told me "Nah, it was all pretty boring for me".

Basically i thought Lin was having the time of his life and listening to him now, it feels like he was planning an exit strategy. Makes me sad.
I think you probably interpreted the wrong way... I believe he said something about how he enjoyed the fans and experience, yet at the same time there was so much attention and pressure, he probably was uncomfortable as he's not exactly the attention whore type. He said something about not wanting to let the hype make him feel too full of it. Also the media probably put a twist on some of the stuff being said. But for the knicks fans who are trashing him for bs reasons, that's just sad.
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