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Default Re: Ray Lewis Out For the Season? Baltimore Ravens

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Why is there no use talkin or speculating bout it??

BAL has looked like one of the most dynamic teams in the conference.

Now they lose their best playmaking CB, leader of the defense aka heart and soul of football here, have been without their best pass-rusher all year, and the middle force in the middle aka the best T in football is banged up.

For a team that has made their success off defense and these guys, I'd say it changes the dynamics quite thoroughly.

U jus don't wanna think bout it cuz the Pats have struggled for their standards
No, I just don't see who in the AFC has distinguished themselves from the rest. If this was just about being a Pats fan I could easily argue, "we've just had a few off games, Brady is playing at an MVP level and Welker is being properly utilized again, it's going to be NE." All those issues you list with Baltimore is why I don't put them at the top. Houston is the only team that has a good argument, but vs. the Pack it was like someone popped a balloon.
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