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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by fatboy11
Let me rephrase that.

Everytime I read something about him (with comments he made about his knee part of that), I feel less and less confident about him.

I don't like reading that his knee STILL isn't ready to go when it was debatable whether or not he could have played in late April in the playoffs. I don't like reading that the coaches think he needs to "work harder". Stuff like that. Sometimes, I get the sense that Jeremy Lin doesn't really understand that he's in the NBA and is the face of an entire franchise. It's almost as if he wasn't even expecting to still be in the NBA or be anything more than an end-of-the-bench reserve.

Maybe I'm starting to overreact, but I feel like I've given him enough of the benefit of the doubt. He just makes me feel uneasy. We'll see what happens when the regular season starts, but all this stuff about his work ethic and knee not being ready is pretty alarming.

maybe he really doesnt get the fact that he is at houston to be the face of the franchise ... i doubt he could be .... option 2 maybe... but i doubt he becomes the face of houston . I could be wrong ... I think the bigs that you have will have a say about that ... asik and dmo.... As it stands right i can see that this is kevin martin's team ... i cant believe i just said that.... darn...

but houston has a nice team in years time they will be better for sure ... got many trade assets as well who knows they might be ready for josh smith.
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