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Originally Posted by LBJ 23
What do you think about excessive fear of carbohydrates nowadays when it comes to active fitness population? And recommending excessive quantity of protein per day when we know that proteins which body doesn't need are transormed into glucose(which can be also obtained from much cheaper carbs sources)?


Not gonna lie.

I honestly don't know.

I'll just put out a few things I know and you can come to conclusions.

Too much protein does eventually take a toll on the body. And seeing as how most of it is consumed from flesh that is not raised in the best way possible.. it gets. By all means, eat all the wild fish, wild game, cage-free eggs, grass-fed beef you can, but understand that when grown... there are issues especally in fattier cuts. Protein also happens to be the most expensive and thermogenic macro, meaning that it has the most heat releasing properties.

If you eat too many carbs you put yourself at a risk for increased blood sugar, lipolysis, insulin resistance, and in other words GETTING FAT.

If you eat too many fats, same thing. But most people do NOT eat enough monounsaturated (oliev oil, avocado, macadmia nut), staurated (coconut oil, egg yolks), and omega 3's. And likewise, WAYY the f*Ck too many polyunsaturated.

Form my personal anecdote. I was MOST shredded when eating 200 grams protein, 150 grams carbs, and 125 grams fat while doing the same workout. Abs on abs.

I had THE MOST INTENSE workouts when knocking down 300-400 grams carbs+ and had the most growth during that period. Perhaps its because most of my ancestors consumed rice.

There are people form agrarian cultures like an IRanian guy I know who eats 600-700 grams of carbs a day and stays at 7% BF... wtf....

And likewise there are people who will be extremely extremely prone to type ii diabetes, reduced insulin sensitivity and the works.

Oh, and eating fat directly relates to feeling good. The lower the worse, the higher the better :)

I reocmmend you start by going on Dr. Mercola's site, and pinpointing your diet type. Whether you work better with carb and fat.

Afterwards tell me how you feel after etaing meat and stuff?

40/40/20 is the recommended bodybuilding split.

but people have also succeeded eating a lootttt lesss protein.

Try this on for size I assume you're about 150-160 lbs (correct me if wrong)
Work-out days
300 carb
200 prot
25 fat

Rest days
100 carb
175 protein
100 fat

tell me if it works or not You seem like a smart guy so read up on
Lyle mcdonald
alan aragon
basic biochem
paleo/atkins/ornish/mediternanean/macrobiotic/okinawa/anabolic diet
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