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Default Re: Should the Raptors have drafted Andre Drummond?

Unequivocal yes !

Not because of 1 preseason game and a bunch of tweets.

Bull5$%^ !

Because his raw talent and upside would have/ could have / should have :

1) Made Toronto a player in the Dwightmare sage - playing the role the Denver Nuggets GM so successfully played - note a former Toronto Management personal assembly a darn fine team in the rockies. Ike suddenly looks like a player we would want very much - thank you very much

2) Extracted a better bargin from Houston for Kyle Lowry. Perhaps a mutlitplayer deal that would have allowed Toronto to keep its first round pick given up fro Kyle. Perhaps a deal that would have netted Terrence Ross from the 12th (or where ever they picked) where Terrence was projected to be available.

3) Extracted a better deal from Sacremento - that sent Joe Johnson (late 1st round pick with proven high energy skills) for a 2nd round choice... and further allowed Bayliss to walk for nothing. I suspect if even 10% of the rumors are true about Evans (comign out of Sacremento now) - that Drummond Baylis and Johnson could have been worked into a deal for i.e Tyreke Evans and say Franciso Garcia .....

Bottom line is this team is still some way from competing successfully in the east to be a consistent playoff team - let alone a championship calibre.

Taking high upside talent at this position in the standings is never wrong. Drummond would have either played here "for a while" or more likly been a very valuable chip in trades that upgrade the talent of this roster...

...and we still would have Kyle / Val / Derozan / Kliza/ Fields as a nucleus.

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