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Default Re: Microsoft Surface Ad: Apple, You Got Served

Originally Posted by Rose
Also, I'm gonna add that this seems to be more of an Android aimed thing. Apple owns what? 70? 80%? of the tablet market. I'd say first they're gonna try and push that out then focus on Apple. Because right now Apple could push out a piece of shit tablet, and still sell like mad for a couple years. I can't think of an Android tablet that really sells off the top of my head like I can phones like the Galaxy and Note lines.

The best one I can think of the is the Kindle Fire, and that's amazon owned. Maybe the Transformer line? but that's still around the typical Apple price.

Good to know about the price release, I'm not really in the market for a tablet based on price. But if a good one runs well, and is cheap enough I could see me getting one for eBooks, and note taking.
Nexus 7 just won tablet of the year by T3. First non-iPad winner.

It's easily the best price-to-performance ratio tablet on the market by far.
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