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Default Re: Microsoft Surface Ad: Apple, You Got Served

That ad is horrible. I like the one on their website better. Although neither one tells you any specifics. Microsoft sucks at advertising.

I was excited for Surface, but it looks like the pro version won't be out for like 3 or 4 months still. Not really interested in Windows RT since I have Android devices. If I'm going to get a Windows 8 tablet its going to have a core i5 (or better) in it, not an arm processor.

Other companies are beating microsoft to the punch on real workhorse tablets than can actually replace your laptop.




All already have release dates for tablets that will be more powerful than most people's windows 7 machine.

While Windows RT is enough for most people so is a iPad, a Kindle Fire, or an Nexus 7. I don't see Microsoft having a ton of success in the low end $200 tablet sector.
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