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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
I think its even funnier how you are 1-5 and weve played in around a handfull of fantasy leagues together and youve failed to make the playoffs once?

You obviously do care since you posted literally 1 minute after i picked up ronnie brown...who again is my backup. I specifically said in an earlier post that if youre picking up your backup I have no problek with it.
We both know the only reason I'm 1-5 is in small part due to injuries and in large part the fact that I've been scored on more than anyone else by far. Before this week I had more points than about half this league. So keep talking shit, I don't really care.

Again, I don't care, you don't see me asking you to drop him. I saw it and posted about it because of the extreme hypocrisy on your part. It's just funny how much you bitch then turn around and do the exact thing you whine about.

Now you're trying to change the subject. If I'm such a bad manager not sure why you're campaigning to get me out. Not that it's going to work since we're not in 7th grade here, but still, it's pretty funny how petty you are and how personally you take this stuff.
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