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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
You both know nothing regarding your team Illini. I don't think your squad is 1-5 only due to injuries. You lost Hernandez and Fred Jackson..Newsflash I'm in leagues and own both players and I'm not 1-5. I think you're mostly a crappy owner, especially considering we've been playing in leagues together for like 3-4 yards and I honestly don't recall you making the playoffs in like 6 leagues?

What am I taking personally? The fact that you called me out? I've thought you were a giant prick for a while, and have campaigned to have you removed long before today. I'm not the only one who feels that way for what it's worth to you.

Do you need me to quote where I explicitly said that I'd take advantage of this rule if the rule ISN'T changed..I was trying to protect the inexperienced owners who weren't familiar with how waivers worked. Now that we voted to keep the system in place and everyone is aware of how it works, you bet I'm going to take advantage you dolt.

As far as my record, reading comprehension (you clearly have none) is key. I CLEARLY said mostly due to the most points against and some because of injuries, but you conveniently left that out of your post you "dolt."

In regards to you not liking me, I couldn't care less. Keep campaigning, I think it's hilarious that I annoy you that much. And it's weird how you've thought I was a prick for a while but it's only come out now after I called you out for being a whiny hypocrite.
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