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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by IlliniFan
As far as my record, reading comprehension (you clearly have none) is key. I CLEARLY said mostly due to the most points against and some because of injuries, but you conveniently left that out of your post you "dolt."

In regards to you not liking me, I couldn't care less. Keep campaigning, I think it's hilarious that I annoy you that much. And it's weird how you've thought I was a prick for a while but it's only come out now after I called you out for being a whiny hypocrite.
Dude, all of your teams have sucked. I was 2nd in most points against me and 3-2. Your team is like 10th in points, that's bad, DOLT.

How am I a hypocrite exactly? I posted after we decided we were going to keep the current waiver system in place, that I'd be taking advantage of this exploit.

As far as me not liking you, this isn't news to many of the members of the league. I've expressed how I'd like to replace you after this year to other owners of this league. I withheld that information because I'm not a total prick and frankly didn't want to effect your experience for the remainder of the year.

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