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Default Re: The Lingend is over

This entire thread if filled with fail and stupidity.

Dude has one off game and all of the haters, who are basically jealous little b1tches come out of the woodwork to post their illogical rants.

He had one off game. He's coming off knee surgery. He's with a new team, a new coach and a completely new system. This is his third coach and second team in less than half a season.

And yet, every numbnut lin hater/carmelo ******ger comes out of the woodwork to post their anyonymous hatred. That is, in between bouts of *********ing to gay male porn, world of warcraft and krispykreme 3 a days.

This is reality. It takes time for athletes to recover fully from knee surgery. It's a meaningless post-season game. Now go back to jerking off in your mom's basement.
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