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Default Re: Preparation for High School Ball

Originally Posted by Rake2204
For starters, if a defender is particularly aggressive in boxing you out, not only attempting to keep you from moving forward, but also actively attempting to move you out to the three point line, I'll often pull the chair on them. That is, instead of resisting the boxout with counterforce, I'll give and open up the possibility of him experiencing a slight imbalance, thus opening up a rebounding lane.

5. On the flip side, if you're not trying to get around a big man and instead you're in a situation where you have position and must box him out, I say stick to your rebounding principles. Again, basketball is always basketball. There's rules that limit how much contact can occur in certain situations. Sure, I bet a lot of us have played against guys so much larger that they were able to negate any work we were doing boxing out by just legally reaching over us, but that's not always the case.

The truth of the matter is, if you're successfully boxing out a big player and the ball's coming your way, it's your right to grab that rebound. If you feel he's about to attempt to jump over your back, invite that contact. Sometimes, if I felt a player was about to attempt to leap over me for a board, I'd try to subtly attempt for the rebound with my body moving ever so slightly in his direction, making an over the back call more obvious to recognize.

Officials will very often reward defenders who are actively and fundamentally boxing out their opponents, whether those opponents are tall or short, big or small. Those same officials are much more likely to swallow those whistles if no boxing out is occurring and it's just a giant jumping contest (even if it ends with someone technically going over your back).
Please educate me about the over the back rule. Is it similar to loose ball fouls called in NBA games?
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