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Default Re: Rank ISH's top 15 NBA Players of All-Time in offense, defense, and rebounding

Originally Posted by WillC
People clearly have no idea how good Oscar Robertson was.

It is criminal to see people ranking Jordan ahead of Robertson for rebounding.

Meanwhile, although defense wasn't his strong point, he was a far better defender than Magic Johnson.

What I'm about to say has nothing to do with the fact he averaged a triple-double for his first five seasons, but Oscar Robertson is the greatest all-around basketball player ever. LeBron James and Michael Jordan are the only players who come close.

To see him so massively overlooked in these rankings is indefensible. Go do your homework.

I don't even think he was a better all-around player than Jerry West. Not by the end at least. When both lost their athleticism, West was the more effective player.

That said, Robertson is unquestionably under-appreciated these days. Not underrated, I think he was formerly overrated, too often ahead of guys like Magic or Bird or Kareem or Russell. Still he was simply a sublime offensive player who not only could score at will, but understood how to get everyone else involved first and only score when it was needed or best for the team.
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