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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

So disappointed I fell asleep before the 2nd half last night.. woke up to see skip and stephen a. debating the fact that peyton went 13/14 in the second half while leading the broncos back from 24? Those points werent peyton's fault either.. two rookie punt returners fumbled two consecutive punt returns last night which lead to 10 straight charger points.. and this was coming out of the gate in the 1st quarter.

Seriously Peyton is the best i've ever seen. I haven't seen steve young, joe montana or johnny unitas play but i have seen john elway, dan marino and brett farve and i can tell you know peyton is better (slightly) than all of them. The brilliance of manning, at least, definitely surpasses all of those players. Some quotes that have been used on manning: "he's got a computer brain"(bayless), "he's a virtuoso"(coach gruden), "it's like trying to explain how a heart surgeon operates"(tim hassleback)
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