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Default Re: Eagles fire Juan Castillo

Originally Posted by niko
Right move, wrong timing. Preseason you can implement new defenses, during the season things don't go so well. There is a reason coaches don't get fired much during the season. I doubt this has the effect they want, the defense if they really change a lot will be disjointed.

Scheme wont change any.. This should be a boost to the defense. I agree that the offseason is the time to make these moves though

Can he fire Vick's turnovers?

He could manage them if he would just help Vick out a little. The O-line is not good right now. We have a rookie center and a new LT. defenses are just bringing exotic pressure up the middle and corners on the outside.

Andy needs to help his QB by running the ball more to keep defenses honest.

Many times you look at the Eagles offense and it has no rhyme or reason to it. They dont run the ball but they use play action plays . WTF kind of sense does that make? Nobody believes we're going to run the ball, so nobody ever bites... they just go straight for Vick...

He has McCoy who do just about anything he is asked, and they dont use him enough. They also have Bryce Brown and Chris Polk who are very good themselves.. USE THEM!!

Vick is not the kind of QB that should be throwing the ball 40 -50 times a game..

THe eagles go all first half neglecting the run, and then they overload in the 2nd half when they have nothing left to try ... Andy calls that balance

"hey we ran the ball 20 times against the cardinals"

Yeah you ran it 16 times in the 2nd half though.... when you were already down 21 - 6...

Thats not balance.

Help the QB out and he might be able to hold on to the ball more..

Balance your offense and work plays off of each other to form some cohesion, and the O-line may be able to minimize their weaknesses

10 games andy
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