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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by jazz873
For all of you who lost this week i have something that will make you feel better.

I lost my match up this week on that the Philip Rivers sack fumble to end the game. I have lost back 2 back games by a combination of 0.8 points

That's about the most painful way to lose. Not just the closeness but how it happened. I could live with losing by 0.something points if my team just came up a bit short after being behind going into the MNF game, but to lose on a sack-fumble to end the game on MNF....I'd've been throwing and breaking shit.

I'm 4-2 this year and in the two losses my team has just severely under performed. In week one, after being projected to scored 138 points, they score 96 and lose to a FF rookie who picked Eric Weddle with his second pick and the Steelers defense with his 5th. His team only scored 101 points but it was still enough.

This week I had like 6 or 7 players come 2-3 points short of their projections. I've learned Yahoo's projections are usually 10-15 points short (in total). Had 8 players in total score in single digits and scored 110. Didn't even come close to the 135ish projection I was on a four game win-streak and my team was scoring 150+ every week even though they were being projected for 130-140.

Play a guy who's on a 3-game win streak scoring 180+ every week after a bullshit trade that gave him Arian Foster and Wes Welker next week, and one of the two remaining undefeated teams the week after. Staring a 4-4 start in the face after going 12-2 and 13-1 the last two years.
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