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Default Re: Eagles fire Juan Castillo

Pro Bowl Jason Peters who not only pass protects but is one of the best run blocking LT in the NFL loss stung hard. It affected Shady as well, as Shady racked up lots of yards to his side either running, screens you name it. Center is now up in limbo and we saw the affects of that this past Sunday. OL as a unit hasnt played that well. So Vick turnovers are a problem, but the OL doesnt help Vick either. Now you can chime in with bashing Vick all you want. Feel free because most of the stuff is valid. But you cant ignore the key to a QB success is how well the OL plays. We see Brady sit in the pocket and pick defenses apart. Now again "Vick doesnt sit in the pocket he hurts the OL protection" is nice and dandy but watch Vick behind the OL without the pets around for once.

In fact in overtime vs Detroit Lions the first 2 plays were sacks. Whose fault? Todd Herremans who protects Vick blindside got owned by Avril who sacked Vick. Then Nick Fairly blows by Evan Mathis to sack Vick.

Then playcalling has been a disaster. They run it at predictable times because they dont establish the run with one of the games best. Vick passing 46 times is dumb. He's not Brees. He's not Rodgers.

So there is enough blame to go around and it ultimately falls on Reid. He gambled on Vick. He kept the OC. This is the team he built. A team that features talented WRs but none of which can get serious seperation week in and week out. WRs that lack size. No issue with Maclin or Djax but you need to pair them with a big threat at WR.

Rasheed touched in alot of issues with this team. Firing Juan is a desperate move by Reid. Good luck because if you dont get to the SB your tenure here is over.
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