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Default Re: Eurostep// Two-step

Originally Posted by DStebb716
this is so hard to pull off. in my 10 years of competitive basketball experience i only tried it maybe 5 times and it only worked once. the rest i either traveled, had a foul called or blew the layup because it's hard to jump off the second step like that
I'm going to preface this by insisting I'm not trying to be "that guy" who can somehow pull off moves with the greatest of ease that other people declare difficult, but the Euro-step is actually pretty simple for most players if they spend a small amount of time figuring the steps out. I've personally been utilizing the Euro-step for probably around 8 years. I used a simpler "side step" prior to those 8 years (which was more or less squaring my body to a defender and stepping away), but once Manu came onto the scene, I moved toward the Euro (and yes, I know the move existed pre-Manu, but he influenced me regardless).

DStebb, I honestly think you just need to give it some TLC while you're working out alone and once it clicks, it'll be automatic. The steps are relatively simple and it's more or less just about getting the weight shift correct, thus allowing for a normal takeoff. It's similar to how in high school I couldn't pick up my dribble and take the ball behind my back before attempting a layup. Once I got the steps down though, it's now as natural as breathing.
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