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Default Re: Eagles fire Juan Castillo

Vick turns the ball over often because he's trying to make plays where there are no plays. There are the bad throw turnovers but everyone has those. Then there are the trying to be heroic turnovers because his protection broke down completely. I remember the game against SF last year and Eli threw it away or tucked it in approx 40 times it felt like. But he had too. Under similar circumstances in those 40 times (im being facietious on the number clearly) Vick would make 10 fantastic plays literally only he could do, 20 plays where he lucks out and the ball falls out of bounds, and 10 turnovers. This shouldn't be. But this has to fall on the coach at some point, it never changes. NEVER. And it's actually feels like it's gotten worse. Is no one coaching him? Telling him to tuck it in? Taking the choice away and giving him only a safe read on a 3rd and 10 at the goalline rather than letting him run and fumble and lose the 3 points?

I get on Vick because i doubt his work ethic and concentration at times (he seems distracted IMO) but he does have coaches, and he wouldn't be the first QB in the world to have limitations put on him to avoid him making mistakes. They let him play reckless without consequences. Are they expecting him to have a ephinany?

You're right totally, at times he's set up to fail. It's not a good quality that he does, but he's set up to fail at times.
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