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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Yea but Knickscity thats a flawed way of thinking. Youve preached it for years but the contrary bites us in the ass annually. You said the same thing about Bibby. "Its not like he is starting." You said the same about Jeffries, Harrelson, Davis etc. What happened? Guys got hurt and those guys were forced to play major minutes. I dont think Rameek is basing Kidds worth off of last year alone. Kidd was subpar the year he won his ring. Problem is, when guys gets rings, ppl get convenient amnesia and their poor play gets exonerated... See Tyson Chandler.
Bottom line is, if our starters are struggling, as much as he gets on everyones nerves, JR is our best option to dig us out of a hole. Thats scary!
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