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Default Re: Eurostep// Two-step

Originally Posted by DStebb716
well i'm not a standout basketball player by any means. i'm generally one of the better players on the floor in any pickup game i'm in, but still not a stud on the court. i just have trouble getting lift off the second step, otherwise i could utilize the move with ease. my best move on the court is by far my spin move. i don't want to sound like "that guy" (as you said) but my spin move is nearly unstoppable in games. i can make a spin on the run or in tight spaces and it generally ends in SOMEONE on my team getting a basket whether it's me or someone on a dish from me. that's pretty much my claim to fame on a basketball court.

I would have to say maybe it's (seems) because you might be taking to long of a step for that first one. Especially if you can pull spin moves off in tight spaces I would think someone like with that kind of coordination would have no trouble pulling off a eurostep because (at least to me) it's a relatively simple move
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