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Default Re: Eurostep// Two-step

Originally Posted by Mach_3
I would have to say maybe it's (seems) because you might be taking to long of a step for that first one. Especially if you can pull spin moves off in tight spaces I would think someone like with that kind of coordination would have no trouble pulling off a eurostep because (at least to me) it's a relatively simple move

ah, that actually might be it. i might be trying to oversell the first step. i'll have to try making it a tighter move.

and to the guy who pointed out that it shouldn't matter: you're right, it doesn't matter if it's in a fastbreak, one-on-one situation but i'm talking more about when i break the lane on a drive and there are multiple people in the lane. probably not the best time for a eurostep, but that's generally the only time i think to use it because i'm mostly strong enough to just drive and finish on any one-on-one fastbreaks.

edit: thanks for the tips on this topic. been trying to master that, mainly because it looks beautiful if done right.
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