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Default Re: Lakers preseason games

Deep sigh + yawning= Another atrocious display! Yeah Yeah I know your all going to say it's only preseason but the fact of the matter is were 0-4 with another double digit loss this time by -34 !I'm sure the ulterior motive for all teams around the league is to be 0-8 and demonstrate how to be the worst team in this preseason and show the coach were incompetent of a roster spot . So we have 8 new players that need time to mesh oh really c'mon I'm not buying it so do the other 29 teams trying to blend in their new players only their not expectant of a title!

It's no secret everyone knows the Lakers have an all-star starting unit but after dissecting the Lakers team the opponents know the prognosis of the Lakers team weakness is their bench past teams to present! Furthermore from what they've displayed thus far I see no indication to get all excited coz any less of getting a title this season = failure!
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