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Default Re: IF Kobe gets Ring #6

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
I can't believe anyone who has watched the Lakers since 1980 or earlier
wouldn't say Magic is the best....

I do agree that Magic and Kobe are the two at the top of the list. If Magic
had played 5+ more years, and set the assist record, this choice might
be easier... But they both did their whole careers with the Lakers, both
brought ships, but I still think Magic's role was more important... Kobe
started slow and created some turmoil along the way... Just because
he's the second coming of MJ doesn't push him above Magic IMO.

Both Magic and Kobe did things that I had never seen before, both amazed me for many years. I'd have to say that between the two that Magic is my favorite Laker of all time......but the best? Kobe destroys Magic when it comes to defense.....that cannot be reasonably argued against....don't even try. Magic NEVER made an NBA all-defensive team.....not even once...he was never close to a top defensive player. Funny to note that Michael Cooper was all-NBA defensive team 8 times....and he was a bench player.
Kobe has made it 12 times including a record 9 first team.......end of argument.
To say that longevity is not a factor is just an excuse.....sorry.....that just doesn't hold water.

Magic created just as much turmoil as Kobe, to say differently is just clueless..
Magic: demanded his coach be fired, demanded that Norm Nixon be traded, had to retire from the NBA because of contracting HIV, came back to the NBA amid huge controversy because fear or contracting HIV which led to new rules regarding cuts.

Kobe: Was instrumental in having Shaq traded, Demanded a trade if ownership didn't get better players, was accused of rape.

Stop with the Kobe started slow bull, Kobe came in straight out of high school and has now had more effective seasons than Magic.
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