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Default Re: NBA No Longer Interested In European Expansion

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Stern is so full of shit. Everyone in Europe knew this was a complete fantasy that the NBA could ever compete with big European clubs in the market in Europe.

European fans always laughed at this craziness. No NBA team can compete with Real Madrid, Barca, Olympiacos, PAO, Fener, etc. in their home markets.

The economic analysts must have finally told him how nuts he was. The NBA can't just swoop into Europe and out the Euroleague and it's big clubs, or even mildly compete with it in its own market.

They could have a team in London and maybe one in Paris, and that's about it. This was always a complete fantasy by Stern. European fan base is cemented as hard as stone with their own clubs and they would have absolutely no interest in supporting NBA teams.

The ONLY way that would have ever worked was if Stern wanted to make a European division using existing European clubs, or if he wanted to make a world championship game between the Euroleague winner and the NBA winner.

This idea of his of making 5 "expansion NBA franchises in Europe" was always totally insane and absurd, as it could never work. Apparently, he finally realized that.
The majority of NBA teams are already second fiddles to their NFL counterparts. They have no disillusions about coming in to Europe and dominating the continent like they're [insert whatever big soccer team]. But there are plenty of gigantic markets that can more than financially support NBA franchises in a far better fashion than probably at least a third of the NBA's current markets.

Whatever, how's the weather in Arkansas?
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