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Default Re: Lakers preseason games

Our lack of depth worries me. We are always short on reliable perimeter shooters. You cant be a contender without at least one or two guys who can hit 3s on command. Its been just Kobe for the last 2 seasons. How come every time these guys like a Blake or a Vujacic put on a Lakers jersey, all of a sudden they cant shoot? When they play against us they have career games. They become Lakers, they go cold. With that said, when the season and battle for the title begins, our veteran starters are good enough to get us to the Promised Land, but to maintain those crucial second half leads, we are gonna need youth and scoring off the bench. I dont think we have it. Look at how teams are closing out games nowadays. Its on the perimeter. Where besides Kobe and Nash, are our perimeter shooters? We never should have gotten rid of Farmar...
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