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Default Re: 23 hr flight from NY to Seoul - need a game to download and play on my laptop

Originally Posted by LJJ
Looks like you've been playing SNES games on emulators mostly?

The original Playstation is arguably as loaded with them as the SNES, and unless your laptop is ancient it will run PS just fine. So the next Final Fantasy's, Lunar SSS & Eternal Blue, Tales of Eternia, Chrono Cross, Suikoden, all that good shit.
Cool i was hoping ps1 games can now be emulated. Any recommendations what emulator to use and sites to download games?

on snes emulators. I did play a lot of games on the gba emulators. Finished the castlevanias, advanced wars, fire emblems, mega man zeros, super robot wars, and the ff6 remake to name a few.

Might give chrono cross another try, and this time figure out what the hell s actually going on
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