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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

• The game changed in the 1st quarter when Favors entered and the Lakers started to go to their depleted bench. The Jazz didn’t run early and didn’t set the tempo as they had hoped with the starting line-up. Tinsley instead of Mo makes a big difference. Interestingly, Foye pushed the tempo better than Tinsley tonight.

• The tempo change for the Jazz is incredible. Tyrone has these guys thinking fast break. They get the rebound and they let it rip. It is crazy different than what we are used to watching with the Jazz. Yes, at times they still go to the post with Al Jefferson however, it is often in the last portion of the shot clock after other options have been dismissed. This is a really good option at this point in the shot clock.

• Defensively the Jazz were terrific tonight. They rotated fast. They got to the next step defensively. The system of 2nd man removed looked better tonight then it has at any point in the pre-season. The Jazz are very long and the floor is becoming small for the opponents.

• The Jazz players all had more bounce in their legs. The games are easier than the training camp plus a day off on Sunday and the players all seem to have their legs back.

• The Jazz balance was great again offensively. I asked Tyrone Corbin today at practice if the shot distribution on this team was going to be different than last year and he said that is what just the pre-season. However, the increased tempo seems to be brining Marvin, Mo, Gordon, etc into the game at a different level. This means the shot are going to go to different players at different times in the shot clock.

• Three point shooting was great tonight. This team can shoot. Marvin and Randy dialed it in tonight.

• Paul Millsap tried to take it to Jamison on numerous accounts tonight and wasn’t able to beat him like he thought he would. This was a bit discouraging but it also might be related to some of the time he took off to be with his family.

• Kobe Bryant was awesome – it felt as though he had some score to settle with Gordon Hayward. He played much harder than anyone else on the floor. Interesting to me on a night where it felt like Gordon was having a hard time he had a good box score line.

• Interesting to me that the Jazz were able to switch Marvin and Gordon on and off Kobe. Those two are quite a defensive tandem.

• Alec Burks is playing well.

• Kevin Murphy can shoot. How cool it must have been for Murphy to go against Kobe Bryant who is his childhood hero and hit a jumper over the top of him in the opening moments they went head to head.

• Very solid good night for the Jazz. They are making progress and changing how they play the game on offense and defense.

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