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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Yea but whether we agree our starters are overpaid is completely irrelevant. You can't use that excuse everytime Grunwald screw up. And this offseason proved you can get players for cheap. Antawn Jamison says hello. Enough with the excuses. That excuse is worn out man. Glen Grunwald isnt doing his job. Period. The Heat have high priced players. The Lakers have high priced players. The Nets have high priced players and ALL of these teams have better benches than we do.
Maybe those teams have more attractive starters.

Once again you can't complain about the bench, if you won't aacknowledge the real issue.

Every team that has a solid bench also have at east one top 10 player, and in a lot of case they have two.

We have zero.
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