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Default Re: Boston Celtics: How good can they really be?

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
They look like the 2nd best team in the East and top 5 overall.

They need to consolidate assets and go for a Milsap, Josh Smith, Jefferson type to upgrade the 4 and specifically the rebounding. Last year they had the 3rd worst rebounding differential in the league and I'm not sure they've addressed that.

The other worry I have is the undersized nature of the back court.

But if they address rebounding and PP and KG hold up I think they can give Miami a run for their money again.. unfortunately I still think Miami was the better team last season, improved as well and have LBJ and Bosh in their absolute primes.

The undersized thing is a worry for me as well. They say they preseason does not count but the preseason also reveals things. Whenever they did not have a center on the court the team struggled HUGELY.

However, I think the size of Green & Lee can help them guard LBJ and Wade. Gives them a huge advantage there. Heat are still the team to beat but it can be done possibly.

Perhaps it can actually happen if.............

Actually I was just coming back to change the title a bit and you touched on it perfectly.

They have to be planning something and I think that something is going to be packaging our most trade-able asset Avery Bradley with someone like Bass for Josh Smith.

Smith has stated he would like to play with Rondo & Boston in the past and recently said he plans to not sign with Atlanta. I think this is a deal with filler (Melo, Joseph) that might go down later this season.

If it does, kudos to Ainge all the way.
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