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Default Re: Al Qaeda's new enemy: Lebron James

Originally Posted by ripthekik
awwww this thread got wiped clean by the mods as well.
but how come you guys left rrr3's trash posts still on?
I guess I'll answer the question even though part of me just wanted to delete it and move on. I guess you need very obvious things explained to you, so here goes...

If you feel any poster on this board is incessantly trolling or attempting to derail threads, report their post(s). It may take some time, but it will be taken care of if it falls into the above categories.

Posting a person's RL picture as your only retort? I've specifically asked you to stop multiple times, because it has nothing to do with basketball or any possible conversation that could be had on this particular forum. When I see it, I delete it... Period. And, if you continue posting it, further action will be taken.

I feel like we're pretty cool on this board when it comes to letting conversations go and allowing people to express themselves without micromanaging too much. Maybe we allow too much to get by, but alas, there aren't a ton of moderators and we have limited power, so we do what we can.

You keep pushing the envelope and you will be banned, as much as I dislike making that kind of request.
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