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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
I dont find that to be fair. I feel like draft day trades should have different rules than post draft trades. If i'm trading a draft pick for a player, should that not be as if that player is my draft pick? I don't mind the keeper part of it. But I think I should be getting Monta in the 5th round and then he should be a 3rd round keeper for next year.

Sorry man. Monta Ellis is a 2nd round pick. It doesn't matter if you dealt a 5 th round pick for him. Why would it? What if it was a 2 for 2 deal, what would happen then? Say you dealt Rose and lou will for monta and someone else. Does Monta get Lou's round? And if you did the same deal 5 mins after I locked the draft results, there should be different rules?

We don't have transactions that lower the cost of a players draft position. They are drafted where they are drafted.
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