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Default Re: ESPN: Bulls will likely extend Gibson, Amnesty Boozer

Originally Posted by Money 23
Meh. I hate my team's franchise front office.

So many dumb moves. From 1999 - it's been one mistake after another. We luck into D. Rose, and then the kid has a career altering knee injury.

Post MJ curse? IDK. We never should've signed Boozer for that money from the get go. Ugh, I hate this team apart from Rose and Gibson.
I know what you mean, the FO doesn't even seem committed to winning championships. They are so cheap with money, in this era of super teams going over the cap for 3+ all-stars we got Chicago holding back, signing mediocre players for cheap and hoping Rose can solo 2-3 superstars. I wouldn't blame him if he left after being eliminated by OKC/MIA/Lakers 4 years in a row.
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