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Default Re: ESPN: Bulls will likely extend Gibson, Amnesty Boozer

It made sense to amnesty Boozer last year, before Rose got his big extension. If they did it this Summer (deadline has passed) they wouldn't have any room for anyone else anyway. If he plays well this year, without Rose, he's suddenly valuable again.

Also, do people think Boozer is no longer a basketball player? He's not even that overpaid. It's just that his contract is 5 years long and the Bulls are spending lots of money on both Noah and Deng (and obviously now Rose).

If you wanna see a team that would be smart to take on Boozer, it's the Spurs...if the Bulls wanted rid of Boozer. Stephen Jackson (expiring) and Splitter (expiring and young, good, plays defense, can play PF/C, and much much cheaper)...

Do people think the Spurs wouldn't be able to get the best out of him?
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