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Default Re: I shaved my ass and got it waxed. Its ripe for kissing as the Sixers season will OWN

Arguably the best big man in the game?
Did Dwight and K.Love die?


Then some mix of BK, NY, Philly and maybe Chicago.

I guess I just don't see what others see.

Bynum had a career season last year, played along Bryant and Gasol and they were only on pace for 52 wins. What will Bynum, Turner and Holiday get?

Who is their back-up PG?
Is Hawes a full time PF?

They lost their best player, passer and defender (Iggy), leading scorer and 6th man (L.Will), best interior player (Brand) and Meeks. All quality vets. I don't see anywhere near the leadership and veteran experience to carry this team on the court.
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