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Default Re: I shaved my ass and got it waxed. Its ripe for kissing as the Sixers season will OWN

How on EARTH is Love better than Bynum? Get that nonsense out of here.

Of course nutty NYK fans would claim Sixers could miss playoffs. Hate much?

Lou Williams is better than Nick Young now? Once again since when? In spite? Smells like it.

Missing Iggy? Perimeter defense perhaps, but if D.Wright, Evan Turner can pressure the perimeter we can lessen the blow. What is significant is the big in the middle improving the halfcourt while the Sixers have upgraded its perimeter shooting in the process. Just simply logic given how deep this team is.

Wait nutty NYK fan claims Sixers could miss playoffs? I had to revisit that nonsense, what a moron. Want to wager $$$$ on that? Doubt it huh.

Sixers will miss the veteran prescence of Brand but you guys are getting all LIFETIME channel on me. It aint that serious as you make it out to be.

Hawes/Thad Young/L.Allen/Moultrie (athletic rookie who crashes boards)
Bynum/Kwaaaamay Brown

Team is ready to punch teams in the mouth. NYK play defense? Ok. BKN finish over the Sixers how? Because you look on paper and look down at the erection? Go f*ck yourself, literally pick a palm. Nets bench is poo poo. Then you gotta factor the chemistry between so many star caliber players. Same deal as NYK with adding so many "names". We saw how that worked, not.

Bynum health vs Brook Shields?
Bynum health vs reTarde Stoudemire? How many times did dude get injured come playoff time?

You can sit there and talk about healthy. You cant talk about anything bball related. Defense, rebounding, transition offense/defense, halfcourt offense you name it. Mum is the mofo word.

Sixers upgraded numerous areas. Only hit is a first team all defender in Iggy. Who steps up and lessen that loss? But remember we got a shotblocker in the paint whereas years prior? Not since Mutumbo. Half you kids were stil leaving shyt stains in drawers your mommy washed. Give me a break.

Kevin Love over Bynum? "espn said so"

What did espn say about the Sixers in relation to the East? Does it conflict with the crap you typed in here? Hmmm
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