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Default Re: Halo 4 and Halo CE anniversary edition announced

Originally Posted by Rose
you can bum your internet from your laptop to your 360. bottom post

But if you can't I see why. Could you try importing it, or is that too big a risk?

Yea thats what I did back home. It doesn't work here. Something about MAC filtering or some crap. I tried going into the routers admin system to change settings but it was locked.

I honestly haven't really looked into it. My friend just said they won't sell it in stores here. Maybe amazon would ship it here, I don't know.

Its crazy though. Theres this market in China where you can buy pretty much every movie in decent to good quality for about 2 bucks and video games for a little bit more. Only thing is you have to mod your xbox to play the games. Would be so awesome if you didn't.

I'd buy so many games!
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