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Default Re: DAL, HOU, and PHX to pursue James Harden in free agency

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
What will happen:

1. Harden signs max offer sheet with someone.
2. OKC matches.
3. OKC trades him after a year to save money.

I'd totally be in favour of the Raptors throwing a max deal at him the second he reaches free agency. There will be better teams in more desirable locations doing the same thing though.

I can't believe it took this long for this to be mentioned.

OKC will match the 4-year max contract that any under-cap team can and will offer next year as he's an unrestricted free agent. Also, since its restricted free agency, once someone signs him to an offer sheet, a sign-and-trade is no longer an option.

Harden's destination going into the 2013/14 or 20014/15 season will depend less on teams with max cap room, and more on who puts together the most attractive package for the Thunder.
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