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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
I never bought the hype, but I like what he can bring to a team either as a starter or of the bench. I just don't like how overrated he got and besides Griffin has much more potential than Lin does.

Thing is... how can you NOT like the hype? This was a guy who came out of NOWHERE literally and tore the league apart for a decent stretch. A nerdy Asian kid who went to Harvard at that. It's a feel good story and there is no such thing as a 20 game fluke IMO. I think with the right coach, team around him he COULD potentially become an all star but worse case should be a good starter for years to come.

I think the only ones that truly overrated him were Knicks fans when they acted like he was an elite player or something but most people were just excited as hell about the streak. Ironically it's Knicks fans now who tear him up the most and act like he's garbage.
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