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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by niko
He looked good. He needs to learn to play more where he is setting up the offense, not initiating every play on the offense. He plays like Marbury (stylewise, clearly he's not so selfish), if you are on the floor with him he will score, or you can score off his pass. If you are a post player, or a player who can iso, etc. he doesn't know how to get you the ball. If there young players become stars, he's going to have to learn to feed them the ball at times to let them create, or else you turn players into stand up shooters. Like Deron, he can do both easily.

Right now all offense is ran through Lin, which worked great on the Knicks when everyone was hurt, much less so when everyone was back. It's a progression he needs to learn but with a young Rockets team he might not be called on to do so.


Don't really agree, so far, he is feeding the Rocket's bigs with post ups and inside play. He just tries to find the best shot in any given situation

But it's not so much him, but how Mchale wants the offense. He wants the ball to move fast

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