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Default Re: Older ISH'ers who are the reputed leapers and "above basket" dunkers from Wilt's Era?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
I've only got two dunks of his that look decent (an Elgin rebound putback in the 1963 Finals, and the other that looked good was he receives a pass from Jerry West in 1972 and does a game-ending dunk) - what dunks of his am I missing out on? Gene Wiley almost looked to be a better dunker than Ellis when going by film alone or is the film I've watched misleading?

Hard to be precise and find the dunks right away but I'll try to find it, all I know is that I saw a few putback dunks from him that looked great.
IMO Ellis was a better leaper but that's just me.

Edit: a putback rebound after Elgin's miss was one of them I saw before, yes.

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